Some Reflections on Entrepreneurship and Life

A grab-bag of thoughts entering year three of entrepreneurship.

The Wealth of Nations

Who’s wealthier, a Maasai elder or your average American?

A Reason for Optimism

Transitioning from a culture of fear to one of confidence and energy

Intangible Assets

Brief thoughts on the rise of the intangible economy

Favorite Podcast Episodes (2017)

The best podcast episodes I listened to in 2017.

Favorite Books of 2017

Six of my favorite reads from 2017

The Death of Graduate School?

Is Congress to blame for the “death of graduate school” or is it universities’ failure to heed price signals?
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The Discontinuities between the Generations in History

A few gems from Sir Herbert Butterfield’s 1971 Rede Lecture at Cambridge University

The Lies of Vietnam

Some thoughts on the Ken Burns and Lynn Novick documentary “The Vietnam War”

Favorite Books of 2016

My favorite five books from the year